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Blood of Darkness

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Murder On Her Mind

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The Legends of Sangue is a riveting fantasy series written by Stacey Katheryn.

The Kingdom of Sangue, a royal line designed by a well-meaning young prophet to protect those in the underworld from vicious evils, finds its existence threatened when the young man is murdered while looking for the proper leader.

Sangue falls into disarray as the good guys battle the enemy for the throne. Still unaware as to who the rightful leader is, it is taken over by a young woman soldier who gives her life to protect her followers and family, leaving the royal line and its legacy in the hands of her husband King Otztal Mortimer, who now must be the one to decide its fate.


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************************************************************************************************************************ Character biographies and series/novel overviews are for entertainment purposes only. All characters, plots, novels and series are a figment of the author’s imagination and owned by copyright (c) Stacey Katheryn. Any likeness to any other situations or persons, whether fictitious, real, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

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