Of Trust or Treason

Coming June of 2013

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Locked inside our own home; No one in, no one out. The enemies surround us on all sides, sorceric wards made by underdeveloped sorcerers the only thing that stands between evil and good. A stand-off like no other; humans trapped with hungry Werewolves, a Prophetess about to give birth, a missing Element with a startling secret whose retrieval may mean life or death for all.

Our enemy from the past has returned more dangerous than ever; and he’s come back not just to take again what he feels belongs to him, but is carrying a precious hostage of his own as collateral. Once The Warrior deciphers the unread prophecy, he will stop at nothing to recover this hostage without sacrificing the one thing that matters most. Regardless that according to the prophecy book, it may mean his brutal death. No good deed comes without sacrifice.

Costly mistakes are made by those looked up to most, it rattles the faith and trust we have in our heroes. We know we must protect the children, but how? Nobody knows who this bad guy is or what he wants, except for one person, whose trust is earned and shattered in a shocking lie that changes everything. What will end this horrible stand-off? Is it sacrifice? Blood? Or will the truth somehow manage to set them free?

Of Trust or Treason, Book Four of The Legends of Sangue, Now Available!

************************************************************************************************************************ Character biographies and series/novel overviews are for entertainment purposes only. All characters, plots, novels and series are a figment of the author’s imagination and owned by copyright (c) Stacey Katheryn. Any likeness to any other situations or persons, whether fictitious, real, alive or dead, is purely coincidental.

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